Kawaii Mini Squeeze Toy KW1811824

Kawaii Mini Squeeze Toy KW1811824

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    • Material: Foam plastic

    • Size: Φ4.5cm x 3cm

    • Lanyard length: 7cm

    • Daily maintenance instructions:
      1. can not force to rub, stretch,
      2. poke to play is okay yo, feel super good, very cured ~
      3. Do not wash the dirty
      4. If dirty water or hand sanitizer wash on the line,
      5. Wash a layer of powder can be wrapped on the ~ otherwise it will be more sticky and sticky ash.
        6. Do not touch alcohol, oily pens, ink, etc., do not accidentally hit the wash is not clean ~
      7. it is afraid of heat, do not sun exposure
      Super cute small animals,  feel good, soft and smooth
        Soft texture, can not be brute force tear, normal hand is no problem,
      Dirty, then you can wash or wash your hands to clean,
      After cleaning can be applied with talcum powder, more smooth.
      In addition Meng pet animals afraid of hot , not in the sun exposure

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